You’ve got enemies? Good. That means you actually stood up for something in your life.
hi im rachel(: im 16 from pennsylvania and i was born to make mistakes, not to fake perfection. love you;*


Stages of depression

I like this because it’s reversible; if you’re laying on the ground you can get back up, even if you’re just kneeling or barely standing, it shows that recovery is possible


Just put on dark lipstick and act like nothing happened

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love and ldr*


when white boys make fun of girls getting drunk im kinda just like but have you seen white boys wasted. they start rapping and whispering into girls necks and start yelling racist shit to people on the street. when girls get wasted it just means we’re all super nice to each other in the bathroom and dance to beyonce

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That moment 5 years later when you notice that time didn’t heal your wounds

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"Just because someone desires you, it does not mean that they value you.

Read it over.


Let those words resonate in your mind."

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